Scientists developed a new method of cancer treatment in 1 second

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Lausanne Hospital have developed a new method of cancer treatment. Thanks to the use of new radiotherapy, the effect on the tumor is carried out within 1 second.

Experts are actively conducting clinical trials of a method for combating cancer diseases using a proton accelerator. With flash therapy, doctors act on a tumor with an ultra-high dose rate, which is delivered in 1 second, and sometimes even faster. This allows only diseased cells to be affected. Scientists have been working on the flash effect for only a few years, but high rates have already been achieved, and the results of a study conducted not so long ago are encouraging. There is no doubt that its introduction into medical practice is only a matter of time.

Now the scientists are improving the received method. Back in 2018, they conducted an experiment with the participation of a person who gave his go-ahead to test a device on him that had not been tested on humans before. A 75-year-old man has been battling cancer for 10 years. He had to undergo 110 sessions of radiation therapy. However, it was only after flash therapy that positive results began to appear. After 36 days of treatment, the ulcer began to heal, and after 5 months it completely disappeared.

Scientists noted that the new treatment is suitable for all types of cancer. Conventional radiotherapy is not suitable for eye and brain treatments. It is also ineffective in radioresistant cancers, when there is almost no oxygen in the affected cells. The use of a proton accelerator gives physicians a new and effective tool for treating patients.


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