Scientists have created a new generation of incandescent lamps

(ORDO NEWS) — Modern technologies and developments in the field of materials science make it possible to create more efficient and durable light sources.

A team of materials scientists and engineers was studying how to improve the performance of incandescent lamps, which are currently being relegated to the background due to low efficiency and high power consumption.

Their research has led to a new generation of incandescent lamps with improved performance and longer life.

A team of scientists has used new materials to create an incandescent light bulb that outperforms current light sources, including LED bulbs, in a number of ways.

They replaced a conventional tungsten filament with a two-element component consisting of carbon nanotubes, a mixture of nitrogen and boron.

The bulb of the lamp was created from a ceramic material with a quartz window that allows only the full visible spectrum to pass through, reflecting ultraviolet and infrared radiation back into the resonator.

The new light source turned out to be 1.5 times more energy efficient than an LED lamp, and its service life is three times longer than that of LED lamps.

These improvements open up new possibilities for more economical and durable lighting.

However, as the scientists note, there is still a lot of work to improve the efficiency of incandescent lamps and make them more versatile in use.

Despite this, this development has become a serious step towards the creation of new, more efficient and durable light sources.


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