Curiosity rover captures mysterious ‘skeleton’

(ORDO NEWS) — Mars is one of the most mysterious planets in the solar system. And for many years, scientists have been trying to find at least some signs of past life on this red planet.

And here, once again, a trace may have been discovered. On the 3786th Martian day of its stay on Mars, NASA‘s Curiosity rover photographed a skeleton-like structure.

This news attracted a lot of attention from many scientists, astronomers and space lovers.

Astrobiologist Natalie Cabrol shared this photo on her Twitter page, where she wrote: “This is the most amazing rock I’ve seen in 20 years of exploring Mars.”

Of course, it could not do without discussions. Most of those who responded considered the find evidence of past life on Mars, and agreed that the ribs of the skeleton were sticking out of the ground, which were exposed by the wind.

However, Abigail Freiman, who represents the Curiosity project team, explained on Twitter that the mysterious ribs are just “corals”.

That is, they are not alive, most likely formed by sulfates that precipitated from the water that was once on Mars.

According to the scientific point of view, such formations consist of a combination of several different minerals.

However, this explanation did not satisfy many people. If this is a natural formation, then why haven’t we seen many of the same rocks on Mars?

Despite the fact that many were not satisfied with NASA’s explanation, it still remains one of the most interesting scientific discoveries.

Maybe it really will remain a trace of life on Mars, or it’s just a natural formation. However, one thing is certain – this discovery only confirms the need for further exploration of Mars.


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