Scientists from Karabuk University discovered ancient mosaics in the ruins of Adrianapolis

(ORDO NEWS) — Unique mosaics with images of animals were discovered by Turkish archaeologists from Karabuk University on the ruins of the ancient city of Adrianople.

Researchers have been excavating the area since 2003. They managed to find 14 public buildings, a theater, an arched-domed structure and other buildings.

Experts also found mosaics in which figures of animals and household items are guessed.

“There is an amphora and a fruit basket, made in a style unknown to us before. In the composition of the fruit basket, pears and grapes are laid out in mosaic, and pomegranates lie nearby.

This is essentially a still life, we have not seen anything like this here before,” says Ersina Çelikbas, Associate Professor of the Department of Archeology at Karabuk University.

In addition, experts found inscriptions in ancient Greek in some areas. They said that they were not going to stop searching and would continue excavations in this area.


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