Lady Zheng is a Chinese sea robber who has gained fame as the most successful pirate in history

(ORDO NEWS) — She worked as a prostitute before she met Zheng Yi, the most famous Chinese pirate of her time.

They married in 1801 and went to Vietnam, where the civil war was in full swing. After marriage, the girl received a new name Zheng Yi sao (“Zheng’s wife”).

The key to Zheng Shi’s success was the iron discipline that reigned on her ships. She introduced strict regulations that put an end to the traditional pirate freemen.

Anyone who arbitrarily gave orders, or did not follow the commands of a senior in rank, was cut off his head.

Theft from the general treasury was strictly punished, the loot during the campaigns was required to be presented for a general inspection of the team, the division was made by the fleet commander, the rape of captured women was punishable by death.

For unauthorized absence from the ship, the pirate’s left ear was cut off, which was then presented to the entire crew for intimidation.

Captured women, as a rule, were released; as wives and concubines, the pirates left only the most beautiful for themselves. Having married, the pirate had to remain faithful to his wife.

She was able to survive in this difficult and dangerous “business” and eventually retired becoming the owner of a gambling establishment. She lived until the age of 69.


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