Scientists found out what is the most harmful posture for sleep

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the Mayo Clinic analyzed a dozen poses and concluded that sleeping on the stomach is the most harmful of all other options. If possible, people should change their habits.

American experts have done a lot of research. The results were depressing for those who like to sleep on their stomach. As it turned out, during sleep on the abdomen, a person can not breathe fully, as a result – a decrease in blood circulation. It was also found that after such a “rest” often appear pain in the back, cervical spine and limbs. This is due to the increasing load on the spine.

No less interesting were the results of daytime sleep. It was found that rest in the middle of the day is not only harmful, but also a signal for the development of serious diseases. The tendency to daytime sleep is especially observed in people with Alzheimer’s disease. There are other possible diseases that make a person drowsy and less productive during the day. People with various problems will never miss the opportunity to sleep during the day, moreover, they are often more active at night.

Due to daytime sleep, rest at night suffers. According to scientists, healthy people should not have a desire to sleep in the daytime. Useful daytime sleep stops at about 7 years old. Arranging rest in the middle of the day is permissible only for children and the elderly, who often have a disturbed regime of the day.

The issue of disturbing night sleep should be taken seriously, since its lack can cause serious illness or relapse. It is better to sacrifice daytime sleep in favor of the night, to stay healthy and energetic.


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