Scientists found out the exact time of the formation of the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — Official science says that the Sun and the planets originated 4.5 billion years ago, when a huge gas and dust cloud collapsed. On average, this process takes no more than two million years.

Experts from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have noted that our solar system was created in just two hundred thousand years. This conclusion was made after studying the isotopes of molybdenum, which were found in space debris (in particular, in meteorites).

The collapse happened on an incredibly tight schedule. If you compare with pregnancy, then the baby was born in twelve hours, not nine months.

The oldest substances are compounds enriched in calcium and aluminum. They appeared in hot conditions – at + 1000 ° С. This could only have happened near the Sun, and then the compounds were transferred to the region with chondrite meteorites, where they are to this day. Most of the compounds with calcium and aluminum arose 4.567 billion years ago. It took 40-200 thousand years. Scientists, in addition to these trace elements, studied molybdenum from chondritic meteorites. The isotopic composition of the elements has been found to include all material formed in the protoplanetary disk. From this we can conclude that they arose during the collapse of the gas cloud.

The studied period turned out to be significantly less than the estimated two million years, so experts were able to find out exactly how quickly the material, which is the main one in the solar system, arose.


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