Scientists discovered a huge shark tooth : It could belong to a megalodon

(ORDO NEWS) — The ocean hides a huge number of mysteries about those marine predators that lived many millions of years ago on our planet.

Scientists call megalodon one of the most mysterious sea creatures. Many films are being made about him now, and scientists are conducting numerous studies.

During another Ocean Exploration Trust expedition, they were able to discover an incredibly large shark tooth.

Scientists were engaged in the study of the marine national monument “Remote Islands of the Pacific Ocean”. Its size is approximately 800 square kilometers and it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The next dive under water brought an excellent result. A fossilized tooth was discovered at a depth of more than 3,000 kilometers. Its size can be compared to the size of a human palm.

Scientists believe that megalodon, which became extinct millions of years ago, could have lost such a gigantic tooth.

Today it is only a guess. More accurate information will be provided after the find is thoroughly investigated.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that megalodon translates as “big tooth”. The reason for this is that the ancient predators had an incredibly large jaw, the width of which could reach 3 meters.

Experts say that the length of megalodons was sometimes up to 20 meters. The jaws completely covered three hundred huge teeth, the length of which was approximately 18 centimeters.

Jack Cooper from the University of Swansea in Great Britain believes that the tooth found in the Pacific Ocean fits the description of megalodon.

This is indicated not only by the size of the find, but also by the presence of a huge number of characteristic notches on its surface.

He added that previously it was not possible to find the teeth of an ancient predator in this part of the ocean. There are no documents confirming this either.

It is worth noting that previously megalodon fossils were found in various corners of the planet. Most of the finds were in Peru, Baja California, South and North Carolina, and Maryland. The new find differs from others in that it was discovered in a rather remote place.


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