Reincarnation : This case of a girl named Ampan is very unusual and different from other similar

(ORDO NEWS) — The following is a real case that was investigated by the Department of Perceptual Research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine…

One cool morning, a five-year-old girl named Ampan, who lived in Thailand, began to cry. Her mother rushed to her, perplexed. “I want to go home,” Ampan pleaded.

The girl had never left the limits of her village before, and her mother did not know what other house they could talk about.

Ampan began to describe the place where she said she used to live, in the remote village of Buhom.

Strange memories came flooding back to Ampan. She claimed that there was once a girl named Somwong who tragically died of dengue fever and that girl was her, only in a previous life.

According to her, medical personnel from the district hospital loaded her body into a van and took her away.

Ampan recalled chasing the van for miles, desperately trying to catch up with it so she could get back into her body. But the car raced away, leaving her exhausted and thirsty.

Ampan remembered stopping in front of a house where a pregnant woman was sweeping the steps. She claims that she lay down next to the house to rest, fell asleep, and then woke up in the body of a pregnant woman’s child.

Ampana’s mother dismissed the story and mostly forgot about it. Until three years later, when Ampan was eight years old, the family went to the village of Buhom for the festival.

Now that Ampan has returned to her former village, inexplicable memories once again flooded her mind. She deftly navigated the streets, led her family to a modest home and knocked on the door.

Ampan hugged the woman who opened the door and called her mother through her tears.

The shocked woman confirmed that she did indeed have a daughter named Somwong who died of dengue fever. “May I have her amulet?”

Ampan asked, referring to Somwong’s favorite pendant.

Somwong’s mother reported with great sadness that he was lost, although her daughter always wore him on a chain around her neck. She suspected that someone at the hospital had stolen it.

“No, when I got sick, I hid it so that it would be safe,” Ampan explained before disappearing into the house, but returned a few minutes later with the found Somwong amulet in her palm…


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