Reincarnation : Moles and Birth defects

(ORDO NEWS) — Some children who recall their past lives had birthmarks or birth defects that corresponded to injuries, usually fatal, inflicted by previous personalities.

More than 200 such cases have been documented by scientists studying such cases. Examples of such “past personality imprints” include a girl born with visibly deformed fingers who remembers being a man in a past life whose fingers were cut off.

The boy who was born with stumps of fingers on his right hand remembered his past life when he was a boy living in another village who lost his right fingers in a feed mill.

Another example is Chanai Chumalaiwong, a boy from Thailand. When he was three years old, he began to reveal that he was a teacher named Bua Kai who was once shot while riding his bicycle to school.

He begged to be taken to his parents, i.e. Bua Kai’s parents, and named the village where he said they lived. In the end, he and his grandmother got on a bus that stopped in a town near this village.

His grandmother said that after they got off the bus, Chanai took her to the house where the elderly couple lived.

Chanai, recognized a couple who were the parents of Bua Kai Lounak, a teacher who was shot dead on his way to school five years before Chanai was born.

Chanay was born with two birthmarks: a small, round birthmark on the back of his head and a large, irregularly shaped one on the front.


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