What do children talk about when they remember their past lives?

(ORDO NEWS) — When children talk about a past life, they tend to discuss events at the end of their lives. Nearly 75% report details of the death, and even more if the death was violent.

In addition, 20% of children report memories of events between lives. Some say they stayed close to where the previous person lived or died, and they may describe funerals or other family related events.

One child in Thailand, Ratana Wongsombat, complained that “her” ashes were scattered rather than buried.

In fact, the previous person requested that her ashes be buried under the Bo tree in her temple. Her daughter discovered that the tree’s root system was so extensive that she couldn’t bury the ashes, so she simply scattered them instead.

Another child, Bongkuch Promsin, said he spent seven years above a bamboo tree near where the previous person’s body was thrown.

After being killed, before following his father-to-be as he walks home in the rain. Bongkuch’s father actually attended a meeting in the area on a rainy day in the month that Bongkuch was conceived.

Other children spoke of going to other worlds and seeing other entities there.


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