Rare comet is approaching Earth when it can be seen

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(ORDO NEWS) — Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura), discovered a month ago, can already be observed in the night sky, but for this you will need a telescope or binoculars. This was reported by IFL Science.

According to astronomers, the comet will become brighter as it approaches the Sun. Closer to our star, it will reach maximum brightness on September 17.

The comet will approach the Earth on September 12. Despite its proximity, it does not pose a threat to our planet, since its closest point of passage will be 125 million km, which is about 84% of the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

At first, astronomers assumed that comet C/2023 P1 would be visible to the naked eye. However, it is still recommended to use a telescope or binoculars to detect it. The comet will be visible early in the morning in the east, between the constellations of Cancer and Leo.

This comet is a rare phenomenon, as its next approach to the Earth and the Sun is expected only in 2431. Comet C/2023 P1 was discovered by Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura in August 2023 and named after him.

There is a version that the comet may not withstand the influence of solar radiation and disintegrate into parts that will revolve around the Sun. Astronomers are watching the comet with interest to find out what will happen to it in the near future.


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