Scientists found out what Count Dracula actually ate

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(ORDO NEWS) — The prototype of the world‘s most famous vampire, Count Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, was most likely a vegan. These are the conclusions reached by scientists studying Tepes’s letters, reported by The Times.

Experts from the University of Catania focused their attention on the manuscripts of Vlad III. These historical documents of August 4, 1475, provide a unique opportunity to look into the life and habits of this ruler. One of these letters, addressed to the townspeople of Sibiu, is signed by Vlad.

Using the latest research methods, scientists made an unconventional journey into the past, taking various “historical biomolecules” from the letter, including blood, sweat, fingerprints and saliva.

Analysis of these samples yielded unexpected results. The absence of proteins from animal food seemed abnormal to the researchers.

This suggests that Vlad the Impaler could follow a plant-based diet. This discovery calls into question the traditional idea of ​​Vlad as a carnivore.

At the same time, scientists draw attention to the harsh conditions of life in Europe in the 15th century, characterized by a cold climate and limited food resources. This could force aristocrats like Vlad to switch to a frugal diet with limited meat consumption.

Thus, the transition to a plant-based diet in that era was more of a necessity than an advantage.

Analysis of the plates also showed that the formidable ruler may have suffered from haemolacria, a rare disease in which a person produces tears mixed with blood.


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