Queen of France’s mirror hung in the closet of a British family for 40 years

(ORDO NEWS) — The man bought a beautiful mirror in 1950. After he died, the new owners got the mirror. They placed him in the closet. For 40 years, the mirror hung calmly in the toilet and there was no interest in it.

As a result, one of the family members nevertheless drew attention to the presence of a plaque at the bottom of the mirror. The inscription said that the mirror was related to Napoleon. After that, the owners decided to visit the appraiser for an examination. It was he who told them how valuable this relic is.

Andrew Stowe said that the owners did not even realize that this mirror was of such great value. It was just unusual, but the thought that important historical figures looked into it did not arise.

The evaluators were able to trace the history of this unique mirror. They established that many years ago it belonged to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. It is assumed that the mirror was part of a huge exhibition, which is located in one of the queen’s palaces in France.

Maria became the 15th child of Maria Theresa and Francis I. After she became the wife of Louis XVI, Maria became a member of the French royal family. Maria was executed during the revolution in 1793, less than a year after her husband was executed.

Napoleon’s wife Eugene admired Queen Antoinette. She bought the Queen’s personal belongings and held a huge exhibition in her honor. Among the things Yevgenia acquired was the very mirror that had been hanging in the toilet of its owners for 40 years.

To date, the mirror has been auctioned off at the Fine Art & Antiques auction held in Bristol. Experts are confident that you can get at least £ 10,000 for a mirror.


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