Powerful solar wind cracks in Earth’s magnetic field

(ORDO NEWS) — At the moment, our planet is exposed to a solar storm that is bombarding the planet at a speed of 500 km / s. Experts warn that it can cause problems with earth technologies.

The geomagnetic storm that is affecting the Earth today belongs to the category of moderately strong, but at the same time it can quite strongly affect satellite technology. Solar storms cause intense heating of the Earth’s outer atmosphere, so satellite signals can hardly reach the planet.

The ejection of particles, which is observed during a magnetic storm, can cause the appearance of high currents in the magnetosphere. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in the level of electricity, so not only transformers, but also power plants can fail. Power may also drop noticeably.

It is worth noting that the solar wind triggered the appearance of a small crack in the Earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, we should expect that the polar phenomena will be brighter than usual.

Despite the fact that this magnetic storm is considered relatively weak, experts warn that a noticeable increase in the power and frequency of solar flares may occur in the near future.


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