Planetologists have found the cause of the appearance of dust storms on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Since the equipment of the rovers is very sensitive, they were developed by engineers taking into account a wide variety of climatic conditions. Including sandstorms that periodically rage on the Red Planet.

The reason for the manifestation of the elements, the researchers could not understand for a long time. For this, there was not enough data on the climate of Mars. Now they have accumulated a sufficient base, which allows us to clarify the picture of what is happening.

It turned out that there are very serious violations of energy metabolism on Mars. The absorbed solar energy and released by the planet itself has a delta of more than 15%, depending on the season that prevails in the hemisphere. For comparison, on Earth this figure is only 0.4%.

“It is the excess energy received by Mars from the Sun that can serve as the most important mechanism for the occurrence of dust storms on this planet,” says the lead author of the study.

Thus, specialists, based on new data, will be forced to completely reconsider all their ideas about how the Martian climate is formed.

And perhaps improved models will make it possible to predict the emergence of new dust storms, and with the help of this knowledge, it is more accurate to identify potential sites for landing new equipment.


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