Physicist says China’s new radio telescope can detect alien probes

(ORDO NEWS) — The newest Chinese radio telescope is able to detect huge flocks of self-replicating alien robots, which, even in theory, are capable of visiting our planet.

Professor Zaza Osmanov, associate professor of physics at the Free University of Tbilisi, published a study suggesting that a Chinese 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST) could detect clusters of extraterrestrial vehicles known as “von Neumann probes.”

Von Neumann probes are hypothetical self-replicating robotic vehicles used by highly advanced alien civilizations to explore and / or colonize outer space. The concept of these devices was first described by the Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann.

According to Osmanov’s article , FAST will most likely be able to detect a swarm of these probes due to their specific radio spectral range.

Detection and elimination

Of course, a huge swarm of alien robots would be a serious cause for concern, since if such devices are created with a self-reproducing function, then they can pursue one single goal – to consume all available resources to create their own copies. It would be very useful to detect a swarm of dangerous vehicles before their hypothetical arrival on Earth.

Physicist says Chinas new radio telescope can detect alien probes 2

Fortunately, Osmanov believes FAST can handle this. However, the telescope can only act as an early warning system. We, the inhabitants of the Earth, would still have to figure out how to cope with the self-replicating alien threat.

At the moment, Osmanov’s research has not yet been peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal. But we have to admit that this funny hypothesis is still quite scary. Hopefully, FAST never detects a threat of this format heading towards Earth.


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