Peruvian police arrest President Pedro Castillo

(ORDO NEWS) — Peruvian law enforcers have detained President Pedro Castillo after he was impeached. The corresponding statement was made by the National Police of Peru on Wednesday, December 7.

“In fulfillment of our duties prescribed in the law on the National Police of Peru, the officers detained the former President of Peru, Pedro Castillo,” the message says.

According to La Republica, the politician is in a police station in Lima, he is accused of rebellion and abuse of power. Prosecutor Patricia Benavidez is investigating with the Anti-Corruption Task Force.

“The criminal investigation against Castillo was initiated on the facts of the possible commission of crimes against public peace, against public administration bodies, as well as in connection with the abuse of power and actions against power structures and the constitutional order,” the representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Peru specified.

Earlier that day, the republic’s parliament voted to impeach the current leader. The decision was supported by more than 100 congressmen. A meeting was also scheduled at which Peruvian Vice President Dina Boluarte is expected to take the oath before taking office as head of state.

Shortly before this, Castillo announced the dissolution of Parliament and introduced a state of emergency in the country. In addition, he called for the development of a new constitution for Peru and a reorganization of the justice system. The president also demanded that citizens hand over their illegal weapons within the next 72 hours.

Against the backdrop of recent events in Per, the commander of the country’s ground forces, General Walter Cordova Aleman, announced his resignation. Subsequently, the ministers of defense, justice and human rights, economy, culture, education, the head of the Foreign Ministry, as well as Peru’s permanent representative to the UN, also abandoned their posts.

Pedro Castillo took over as head of the republic on July 28, 2021. Since then, the Peruvian parliament has called for his removal three times.


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