Is it possible that UFOs belong to aliens from Venus – a hypothesis

(ORDO NEWS) — There are three planets in the “habitable zone” in the solar system. It is believed that conditions on Mars and Venus are comparable to those on Earth. Scientists believe that Mars has been habitable for hundreds of millions of years, but not long enough for intelligent life to exist.

On the other hand, Venus has been inhabited for over 3 billion years and may have been habitable as early as 700 million years ago. Astrobiologists have discovered groundbreaking potential evidence for life in the upper clouds of Venus.

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This announcement confirmed the existence of phosphine, a rare and often toxic chemical found in many living organisms on Earth. Venus revolves around the sun.

According to this theory, intelligent life was first seen on Venus at the dawn of the solar system. Venus also has rich opportunities for flights over short distances.

As a result, groups of Venusians could explore the Earth.

The temperature on Venus has remained constant between 50 and 20 degrees Celsius for almost three billion years. This was difficult, since the Earth at that time was a frozen sphere.

Their living conditions were not optimal. There was liquid water under the frozen ocean surface, and some of that water was quite warm near geothermal vents. The Venusians developed technology and moved into the oceans.

At that time, there was no life on Earth except microbes. Many scientists believe that these advanced and sophisticated aliens have been watching the evolution of life on Earth for hundreds of millions of years.

We can only speculate about their anatomy and explain why they didn’t migrate from the oceans to land as the Earth warmed. Their technology improved over time, and they no longer needed them.

They may have a moral code that forbids them from interfering with the development of natural human life.

New hypothesis. UFOs belong to extraterrestrial beings that flew from Venus and live in the oceans.

According to the National Oceanographic Service, only a small part of the ocean has been explored. Only 5% of the world’s oceans have been studied and documented, especially the water below the surface.

The rest was practically unexplored and ignored by people. This idea also explains why UFO technology seems magical. This is not magic, but hundreds of millions of years of advanced technology.

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This explains why, despite their visible presence on our planet (as it seems to us) – flying and underwater vehicles with “magic” technologies – they are in no hurry to approach us.

Venusians have lived on Earth for millions of years. They inhabited the planet long before the appearance of people. Imagine what humans will be technologically capable of in 700 million years and you get an idea of ​​how advanced the aliens living in the waters of the planet are.

This idea helps answer the question of why aliens care so much about humanity. They warn them of the dangers of nuclear weapons and sometimes signal that they should stop destroying the planet they live on.

People – got the planet as a result of natural evolution, according to science; but if the Venusians received the Earth before the advent of life, let alone intelligent life, they have the same rights to the Earth as the natives. What people do with the planet is not neutral.

This is our home and theirs. This idea can also explain who and why – in different periods of human history – helped people grow. Who taught them about agriculture and who helped them develop the technologies necessary for the development of human civilization?

There are many legends and records claiming that the “gods” originated on Venus.


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