Perseverance found an unusual stone on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people have a cat at home and love these cute animals very much. But no one could even imagine that somewhere far away, on a completely different planet, on Mars, there could be cats.

Some time ago, scientists carefully studied the data they were able to obtain using the Perseverance rover and noticed something very strange.

They saw an unusual stone, the shape of which resembles a cat resting on the surface of the Red Planet in the most comfortable “loaf” position for it.

NASA employees said that the photo was taken by the rover back in mid-September during the study of the Lake crater.

Scientists began to review the images as quickly as possible, using advanced cameras that were installed directly on the rover’s mast.

Very quickly, the unusual image of the stone became incredibly popular in social networks among lovers of outer space, animals and Mars.

In the photo you can see that the “cat” is lying in the favorite position of these cute pets.

“Loaf of bread” is a pose when the cat tucks its tail and paws under itself. Absolutely all pets prefer to rest and even sleep in this way.

Scientists drew attention to the fact that this stone acts as another manifestation of pareidolia.

The phenomenon is quite popular and implies that people can see some patterns or images in unfamiliar objects, but in reality they do not exist.

This phenomenon is characteristic of many Martian objects. For example, earlier scientists recorded stones that resembled a perfectly even triangle and even a dildo.


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