Pentagon has worked out the scenario of a nuclear war with Russia

(ORDO NEWS) — The American National Defense magazine reports that the Pentagon held an exercise last week, during which the scenario of an exchange of nuclear strikes with Russia was worked out.

“We simulated a situation in which they [RF] attacked us using a low-power nuclear warhead. During the exercise, we decided on nuclear retaliatory strikes, ”a Pentagon spokesman told the magazine on condition of anonymity.

Simulated conflict

The National Defense publication reports that the Pentagon regularly engages in such conflict modeling and considers not only the Russian Federation as a potential enemy. This is necessary in order for the country to have a clear plan for an immediate response.

“During the exercise, we simulated a response with nuclear weapons. If they [the armed forces of the Russian Federation] open this Pandora’s box, then we [the US and Europe] will strike,” the spokesman added.

An anonymous interlocutor representing the Pentagon said that the exercises were held at the highest level and that Defense Minister Mark Esper himself took part in them personally.


National Defense editors contextualized the exercise as part of a global nuclear modernization program initiated by the Trump administration.

“We see how one of the parties is building up its nuclear potential, and therefore these exercises are a sensible step,” the representative summed up.

The famous climatologist Alan Robock recently said that the planet and all creatures inhabiting it await the beginning of a nuclear war between the Russian Federation and the United States.


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