Parallel universe exists: scientists made a sensational statement

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe that the existence of a parallel universe is very real. It looks exactly like ours, but it has a striking difference – time flows back there.

By description, it resembles the universe of Benjamin Button. That is, while we live here in 2020, in the parallel Universe, now is the year 2019.

The discovery was made by scientists in Antarctica using the ANITA antenna, which captures particles called tau neutrinos that fall from space to Earth. However, the samples found indicated that, on the contrary, they “flew” from our planet. These results are difficult to explain in terms of physics.

ANITA Program Manager Peter Gorham suggested that particles behave like this because they move backward in time. It is likely that as a result of the Big Bang two Universes formed – ours and one more.

It is problematic to confirm the existence of another Universe at the current stage of the development of science, but indirect evidence exists. According to many scientists, the huge Void is the imprint of a parallel universe in ours.


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