Why are earthquakes more frequent on Earth?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The moon is constantly moving away from the Earth, and the speed of rotation of the planet is slowly but surely reduced. This causes more frequent and stronger earthquakes. Scientists are confident that over time, earthquakes will occur even more often, as their destructive power will increase.

“The gravity of the moon generates seismic waves on Earth that” run “below the surface at a speed approximately equal to the speed of rotation of the planet. Each year, the satellite moves away by 4 centimeters, which slows down the Earth and provokes new earthquakes,” said Matthew Funk, NASA planetologist.

Apparently, when the Earth’s rotation speed changes, tangible changes in the core begin, and powerful earthquakes are a bit of a “side effect”. However, in detail, this mechanism is still little studied.

After analyzing the history of earthquakes over the past 119 years with a magnitude of more than 7 points, planetologists found that at the beginning of the XX century there were about 15 strong earthquakes annually, but then this figure has increased to 20, then to 25 and today is 35 earthquakes per year.

“Not only the frequency of earthquakes is growing, but also their strength. So far, nothing fatal, but in billions of years, the Earth will be shaking constantly,” Funk concluded.


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