Pandemic left half of the world’s fleet on earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus pandemic has clipped wings to airlines around the world. Carriers had to decommission half of the global fleet of aircraft. As reported a study by the Boston Consulting Group, at the beginning of April carriers mothballed 17 thousand different airliners.

The reason for such a hard landing was quarantine measures and universal self-isolation. Most of all, which is quite expected, the companies that used to be oriented to the international market suffered. Thus, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair grounded 99% of its fleet, while the British EasyJet completely canceled all its flights.

The decline in activity also hit national carriers. For example, the German Lufthansa now serves less than 3 thousand passengers per day, whereas before the crisis this figure was at 350 thousand.

Experts believe that, despite the gradual relaxation of restrictions in some countries, a quick recovery of the industry should not be expected.

Moreover, returning to the sky can be no less a serious challenge for airlines than a forced simple one, because you will have to develop a flight plan from scratch, and changing the situation with the coronavirus will require almost a weekly adjustment of the route network.


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