Oncologist lists evidence of the reality of life after death

(ORDO NEWS) — American oncologist Jeffrey Long has listed evidence supporting the reality of the theory that life exists even after death. According to the scientist, there is no generally accepted concept of a near-death experience.

At the same time, the specialist is sure that near-death experiences exist. They often occur against the background of cardiac arrest. After 10-20 seconds after this, studies show that there is no significant electrical activity in the cerebral cortex.

According to Long, the fact that there is life after death is evidenced by the vision of current events in an unconscious state. This phenomenon is experienced by about 45% of people. Many after cardiac arrest and resuscitation talk about seeing all the medical procedures that were performed on their body.

In addition, this theory is supported by the fact that near-death experiences happen in blind people, including those who have not seen since birth. Also in favor of this hypothesis are experiences and a review of all previous lives. In addition, in the near-death state, there is often a meeting with already deceased relatives.

Other factors also speak in favor of the fact that there is life after death, including near-death experiences in young children, the occurrence of this state regardless of the physical function of the brain, and the consequences of the event.

Long admitted that the above evidence is difficult to explain from a scientific point of view, but in the aggregate it can be considered that they are quite convincing.


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