Not far from us is a planet that is very similar to Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers from the University of Geneva made one interesting discovery. After numerous observations, they noticed a star near the Earth around which a planet revolves, resembling our blue ball.

The planet is called Proxima b, its mass is 1.17 Earth masses. The object is associated with a star that is closest to our planet. The discovery would not have been possible without the Swiss ESPRESSO spectrograph, which is located in Chile.

The planet was spotted four years ago. True, then the research was aimed at analyzing the perturbation of the star’s speed, which suggested the presence of a satellite.

The star Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years from the Sun. Astronomers were able to measure the radial velocity of the object with an accuracy of 30 cm per second. The efficiency and accuracy of research with new equipment has increased 3 times, said Alexandria Suarez Mascareno, chief specialist.

Proxima b is a very interesting body that is definitely worth exploring. It is already known today that the planet rotates around a star in 11.2 days. The radiation intensity is almost the same as that of the Sun in relation to the Earth. This is considering that Proxima b is twenty times closer to its star. Perhaps the body has liquid water.

Before claiming that a new planet can have life, scientists plan to conduct more than a dozen research and observations. They will also try to find out the existence of the atmosphere.

Of the sad things, it is worth noting X-ray radiation, which is 400 times higher than that which the Earth receives from the Sun.


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