The boy who foresaw the coronavirus pandemic made a new prediction

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The 14-year-old Abhigya Anand from India last August predicted the outbreak of a terrible virus, which, as we see, has come true. The other day, a teenager gave a new prediction, and it is also not entirely joyful.

The previous prediction was posted on YouTube video hosting, the video was called “Serious danger to the world from November 2019 to April 2020.” The clairvoyant then noted that a serious crisis would come.

Abhigya did not speak specifically about the virus. He only mentioned that China, as well as the “rich” countries, will suffer the most. The prediction a few months later began to be realized.

In a new video called “The Future of the World 2020-2021,” the teenager told future tests based on astrological analysis. So, there will be no good news at least until the end of June, and the strain will calm down around July.

Earlier, the media wrote after analyzing the predictions of the Indian clairvoyant that the coronavirus will disappear on March 29. According to Abhigya, he had in mind only his relief, moreover, temporary.

12.20.20 we should expect a new catastrophe, which will be more dangerous today. The negative impact of the disaster will last until March 2021.

Humanity will be attacked by an even greater number of viruses, the crisis will “knock” in absolutely all countries. Perhaps the emergence of “superbacteria”, which people have not yet encountered. We can only hope for the best and believe that everything will end well.


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