Nike sues MSCHF over satanic sneakers

(ORDO NEWS) — Nike is suing rapper Lil Nas X and MSCHF. The reason for the lawsuit was Satan Shoes (yes, those sneakers with blood). This is reported by The New Your Times.

So, just recently, the internet was blown up by the news of satanic sneakers with human blood. Nike 97 was taken as a basis. Human blood was poured into an air cushion, a pair of pentagrams was added and a batch of 666 pairs was sold in just a minute. Rapper Lil Nas X became the designer of the satanic sneakers.

Satan Shoes has sparked a huge online scandal. Thousands of angry comments have appeared on Nike’s social media accounts. The calls were varied, including the closure of Nike. As it turned out, the legendary brand has nothing to do with this collaboration. While the outreach was being carried out, sales of Nike products plummeted.

At the same time, blood crosses were sold at retail 4.5 times or more. Other styles of footwear appeared immediately: sneakers of the “church plan” or as they were called angelic.

The brand’s reputation suffered, so the rapper and MSCHF were immediately sued. But the rapper and the New York Company went for a non-standard response. They launched a line of T-shirts with an unusual print. Nike lawsuit is stamped on the chest of each jersey. As a result, we have a new scandal while Lil Nas X makes money selling T-shirts.

How the scandal will end is still unknown. Given the American justice system and young performers’ love of hype, the further development of the scandal promises to be grandiose.


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