New version of the appearance of the coronavirus has been put forward

(ORDO NEWS) — The source of the COVID-19 coronavirus could not have been a seafood market in Wuhan, but a mine about 1,600 kilometers away. In 2012, Britain’s The Sun reported that six miners fell ill with a pneumonia-like illness after clearing bat droppings from a mine in Mojiang County in China’s southern Yunnan province for two weeks.

The patients had fever, dry cough, limb pain and, in some cases, headaches – all symptoms that are now associated with the new coronavirus infection. Three of the sick miners then died.

Sick miners were treated in the same way as COVID-19 patients are treated now: with ventilation, blood thinners, steroids and antibiotics. Tissue samples of the diseased were sent to a laboratory in Wuhan, from where, as many believe, the virus was able to spread further.

Description of the case of sick miners, virologist Jonathan Latham and biologist Allison Wilson, employees of the Ithaca Bioscience Resource Project, discovered the doctor who treated them in scientific work. According to scientists, the virus has developed inside the human body, thus becoming well adapted to humans.


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