New strain of coronavirus discovered in Beijing that could be even more dangerous

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — At the Xinfadi Wholesale Market in Beijing, experts have discovered a new strain of coronavirus. They are confident that the new virus can be much more dangerous than the one that provoked a pandemic today.

Professor Virologist Yang Zhangqiu believes that evolution can cause not only strengthening, but also weakening of the coronavirus. But at the moment, experts are talking about a situation where an already dangerous virus becomes only stronger.

“I’m sure that a new strain of coronavirus that was discovered some time ago can be much more contagious than the previous version found on the market in Wuhan,” says Yang Zhanqiu.

The speaker also added that the authorities made an official statement regarding the coronavirus detected in Wuhan only at the end of 2019. The low temperatures characteristic of winter have become one of the reasons that the coronavirus has begun to spread at an incredible rate throughout the world. At the moment, the weather in China is quite hot. Perhaps that is why a new wave has not yet occurred, because the virus has been weakened by high temperatures. The professor also added that due to the fact that experts find new strains of coronavirus, and from time to time the incidence increases, scientists cannot develop an effective vaccine for treating the virus.

At the moment, coronavirus continues to rage around the world. In some countries, the incidence has slightly decreased, while in others it continues to increase. Specialists cannot make accurate predictions when the pandemic will end and continue to do everything possible to develop a vaccine and an effective cure for the disease.


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