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New images of Jupiter reveal the secrets of the gas giant

New images of Jupiter reveal the secrets of the gas giant

(ORDO NEWS) — The solar system boasts different planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have a similar composition and are rocky planets.

Gaseous Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are in the external environment of our star system – beyond the orbit of Mars and the asteroid belt.

This difference divides the solar system in half, and Jupiter was long believed to be the culprit. This gas giant, however, is hardly a “separator”, and interest in it is constantly growing.

So, the newest space observatory “James Webb” sent to Earth pictures of the planet, which show thin lines of rings surrounding Jupiter.

Recall that Webb observes space in the infrared range, considering both the distant corners of the Universe and the bodies of the solar system – we have never seen Jupiter like this.

The $10 billion successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, Webb launched into Earth orbit earlier this year and has been observing space and the solar system ever since.

With its help, astronomers intend to look into the distant past of the universe and see the formation of the very first stars and galaxies.

The space observatory itself is located at the so-called Lagrange point, at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

In fact, Jupiter is more difficult to work with than more distant space objects, as the planet rotates rapidly.

Combining several images into one is also not easy and takes a lot of time. Sometimes researchers have to make adjustments to position images correctly, NASA said in a statement.

In a press release, experts point to the opportunity to look at Jupiter in a new way. And this, of course, is only the beginning – James Webb will be the main driving force behind scientific discoveries for at least the next 20 years.


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