Green sand found on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists sent the Perseverance rover to the red planet. He discovered something that the researchers did not expect to see. This is a new breed of green sand.

Planetologists named Roger Wiens and Briony Horgan explained in an article in the scientific journal Science Advances that there are two types of rock on Mars.

The first is sedimentary, it is formed in rivers, lakes and in the bowels of the planet. It is the most common species on Mars and gives the planet its red color.

The second is volcanic, it is formed under the influence of high pressure and temperature in places with volcanoes. It was he who was discovered by the Perseverance rover.

Scientists note that this green sand is composed of olivine particles. On Earth, there is also an analogue of olivine – chrysolite.

This mineral turns many Hawaiian beaches dark green. Planetologists believe that the age of the sand found on Mars is more than 4 billion years. On Earth, too, there are such old rocks, but on Mars they are easier to find.

Researchers are making more and more discoveries about Mars and are looking for something in common with the Earth.

Every new little thing found gives scientists hope that there is still life on Mars. Previously, ESA shared a Martian map showing the location of local minerals that were exposed to water in the distant past.


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