New drone killer unveiled

(ORDO NEWS) — American and French defense companies have unveiled the latest version of the RAPIDFire autonomous artillery turret at the Euronaval 2022 Naval Defense Exhibition in Paris.

According to a press release published by the defense company Nexter, the new tower, created by the joint efforts of Nexter and Thales, can destroy all drones within a radius of four kilometers.

New drone killer unveiled 2

The RAPIDFire tower received a smart target search and guidance system. The device is able to independently detect drones and hit targets, and can also work in conjunction with the operator.

The gun is equipped with a multispectral sight, high-speed lasers and a remote control system.

RAPIDFire holds 140 rounds of different types, which should be enough for 30 waves of drones. The gun is able to determine the target and pick up the right ammunition.


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