China has successfully tested a train system similar to Musk’s Hyperloop

(ORDO NEWS) — Engineers from North China University have successfully completed a test of a Hyperloop-like train system.

The term Hyperloop is used to refer to high-speed transport systems. In 2012, Tesla CEO Elon Musk started talking about Hyperloop.

A year later, he announced that the system would work in the United States, providing a connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Theoretically, the system can be used to transport people and goods.

It consists of tunnels in which a very low pressure is maintained, almost a vacuum, which minimizes air resistance. Trains, or individual capsules, will move due to magnetic levitation (maglev).

It looks like China will be the first to implement Musk’s idea. China North University and the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation have jointly set up a laboratory for high-speed maglev vehicles operating in low vacuum, according to a China Daily report.

During the tests, the maglev train accelerated to 130 kilometers per hour on a two-kilometer test line to the city of Datong, Yangao County, in northern China’s Shanxi province.


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