NEW: China records first human death from monkey virus

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, experts have recorded the first death from the monkey virus. One of the veterinarians in Beijing contracted the disease. It is known that the very first manifestations of pathology in the infected were discovered in mid-spring, some time after he examined two dead monkeys.

The man was worried about constant nausea and severe vomiting. Doctors were unable to establish the cause of such symptoms and find a treatment, so the infected veterinarian died on May 27. It is reported by the Global Times.

To date, there is official confirmation that the man did die from the BV monkey virus. The doctors analyzed the cerebrospinal fluid, which they took immediately after the death of the veterinarian. Additionally, analyzes were made to the relatives of the deceased. All of them showed negative results.

The monkey virus was first discovered back in 1932. It is considered the only type of herpes that can be transmitted to humans and cause death. You can get infected not only during direct contact, but also when working with primate secretions.

The virus is very dangerous as the mortality rate reaches almost 80%. Previously, no cases of infection with this virus were recorded in China, so today the authorities called for more careful monitoring of laboratory macaques, as well as taking the necessary measures to protect veterinarians.


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