Mega-comet discovered outside Saturn

(ORDO NEWS) — Outside the planet Saturn, experts from New Zealand have noticed a huge comet. It is considered the largest among those that are known to science today.

This object was named C / 2014 UN271 Bernardinelli-Bernstein, because it was these scientists who discovered the mega-comet. It is reported by

Initially, experts noticed some strange haze, which was located almost at the very edge of the solar system. The closer the comet flew to the Sun, the more it heated up. Experts noted that the comet never approached the Sun at a minimum distance. It will fly past Saturn.

The mega-comet will be closest to the Sun only in winter 2031. The distance will be approximately 11 astronomical units.

Previously, experts said that a comet could have an incredible diameter. Approximately 100-200 kilometers. This diameter is almost 10 times larger than that of standard comets.

In the inner solar system, the giant comet was about three million years ago. She came from the Orta cloud. Experts suggest that similar comets may still exist in remote corners of the solar system, which remain a mystery to astronomers.


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