NASA warns of swarm of large asteroids approaching Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA warns of many asteroids moving towards Earth and which will approach it in the coming days and weeks, some of them will be between us and the Moon, while others are very impressive in size and the largest will fly up to our planet in March this year.

On February 10 alone, at least four Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) should fly up to Earth.

Space rocks, including the 119-meter asteroid 2019 YP5 and the 5-meter DB 2008, will appear shortly thereafter and are estimated to fly 3.1 million km and 5 million km, respectively.

On Friday, CE3 2021 with a diameter of 16 m will appear, which will pass the planet at a distance of 7.3 million km.

In less than 24 hours, proving that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to the threat posed by space rocks, the six-meter asteroid 2021 CU1 will pass the planet 605,113 km.

For reference, the average distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 385,000 kilometers.

Soon thereafter, asteroid 2021 CO, 32 meters long, will fly between us and the Moon at a distance of 345,885 km and a speed of 41,000 km per hour.

Aren’t you scared yet? Then here’s more news – in March, NASA warns about the asteroid 2001 FO32 ranging in size from 769 m to 1.6 km, which is expected to pass within 2 million km of our planet.

Unless, of course, as it approaches our planet, this giant does not collide with some other asteroid and change its trajectory.


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