NASA has published a photo of a huge hole in the wheel of the Curiosity rover

(ORDO NEWS) — A large hole has formed in the wheel of the Curiosity rover. The photos were published by a NASA bot.

Curiosity has been operating on Mars continuously since 2012, and the lifespan is already 5 times longer than originally planned.

The power source of the device is a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, which will last for many more years, but the structures of the rover are subject to mechanical wear.

Now experts have published photos showing the scale of chassis wear. A large hole appeared, probably due to driving on sharp stones.

Knowing about this problem, engineers try to choose the best route, but due to the large communication delay between the two planets, this does not always work out.

In the event that the problem progresses and the damage becomes more widespread, the Curiosity team has a plan to “amputate” part of the wheel.

The device will find a suitable stone and try to break off the damaged area on it under the supervision of specialists, since uncontrolled destruction of the wheel can cause harm.

So far, however, there is no need for such measures.


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