Curiosity rover made an amazing discovery on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the 3800th Martian day of its stay on the Red Planet,

Curiosity rover captures mysterious ‘skeleton’

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mars is one of the most mysterious planets in the solar system.

Curiosity rover discovers traces of ancient lake on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to official science, there were many rivers and lakes on Mars

Curiosity rover discovers unexpected evidence of Mars’ watery past

(ORDO NEWS) -- Rippled rock textures discovered by Curiosity indicate that lakes existed in the

Curiosity rover discovers unusual ripples on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mars rover Curiosity has found the clearest evidence of ancient water ripples.

Curiosity rover found a strange rock on the Red Planet

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Curiosity rover took a photo of the surface of Mars, on

Curiosity rover discovers water-rich opal in Gale Crater

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of researchers using new methods to analyze data from the

NASA’s Curiosity rover reaches area rich in salt rock minerals

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA's Curiosity rover recently arrived at Mount Sharp's salt-rich region. Scientists suggest

NASA’s Curiosity rover reaches an area once covered by the sea

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Curiosity rover has finally reached the so-called "sulfate-bearing strata" - a

Curiosity rover captures ‘unknown space object’ in Mars’ atmosphere

(ORDO NEWS) -- An unusual anomaly in the atmosphere of Mars was captured by the