NASA chief fears China is ‘occupying’ the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Nelson considers the lunar base, which China plans to create together with Russia, to be a particular cause for concern.

Bill Nelson, Administrator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, gave an interview to the German publication Bild , in which he briefly spoke about the new space race – this time, in his opinion, with China. The article is titled “The Chinese Want to Occupy the Moon. The head of NASA is sounding the alarm.”

Nelson recalled that the Americans want to send astronauts to the moon again (talking about the Artemis program ), including the first woman, but they are far from the only ones making such plans.

So, Beijing decided to go “even further” and intends to build its own base on the surface of the Earth’s satellite by 2035.

If all goes well, taikonauts will be able to conduct research on the moon starting in 2036. “We should be very concerned that China could land on the moon and say: now it is ours, and you stay away,” Nelson warned.

Of particular concern and controversy is the satellite’s south pole: near it, according to scientists, there is water ice, and in the future it may become the basis for the production of hydrogen rocket fuel.

Therefore, the advantage will be on the side of whoever “dominates” the south pole of the moon, Bild notes.

In addition, Nelson is sure that the Chinese space program has military purposes, and at their Tiangong orbital station “they are learning to destroy other people’s satellites.”

Further – more: according to the head of the agency, in order to take part in the race, China “stole technology.” “China is also good at stealing ideas and technologies from others,” the NASA administrator added.


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