NASA announced the timing of the second launch of the spacecraft CST-100

(ORDO NEWS) — The second flight of a new-generation spacecraft from Boeing should be completed this fall, RIA reported with reference to NASA materials.

An additional test launch of the CST-100 ship on the eve of the first manned one became known in April.

Recall that the device made its very first flight back in December. It was only partially successful: due to technical problems, the ship decided not to dock with the ISS. Subsequently, he safely returned to Earth.

In the future, the CST-100 will supply the International Space Station along with the new SpaceX Crew Dragon. While the offspring of Ilona Mask is an unequivocal favorite of this “contest”: the first manned launch of the Crew Dragon should take place on May 27.

Note that, in addition to the new version of the Dragon ship, SpaceX is actively working on a larger ship, designated Starship. It should become the largest manned spacecraft in history.


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