Mystery of the UFO landing in Alençon: investigation and unexpected discoveries

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(ORDO NEWS) — On June 12, 1790, in the small French town of Alençon, an event occurred that will forever remain in the memory of its residents. At five o’clock in the morning, several farmers witnessed an incredible phenomenon – they saw a huge ball surrounded by fire, slowly descending from the sky.

The ball wavered in the air several times and then fell forcefully onto the top of the hill. The force of the impact was such that plants were scattered all over the slope.

But the most amazing thing began after the UFO landed. The spread of heat was so intense that grass and small trees began to burn. A strangely dressed man who resembled an ordinary woman emerged from the hot ball. Her body was tightly clad in an unusual costume.

Seeing the crowd gathered, she uttered a few words that turned out to be incomprehensible to everyone present, and quickly disappeared into the nearby forest.

The residents of Alençon were shocked by what they saw. Their instinctive fear response saved them from danger because the UFO exploded shortly thereafter. This unusual incident was witnessed by two mayors, a doctor and dozens of peasants who happened to be nearby.

Such an event could not go unnoticed by the authorities. Police Inspector Liaboeuf was ordered to investigate and write a detailed report on what happened. His task was not only to find out the reasons and circumstances of the UFO landing, but also to find an explanation for the strange woman who appeared.

Inspector Liaboife’s investigation led to unexpected discoveries. He turned to various sources of information to get a complete picture of what happened. During the investigation, the following facts were discovered:

1. Historical evidence of UFO sightings: The inspector discovered that UFO landings had been recorded in different parts of the world long before the events in Alençon. This confirms the fact that the appearance of alien objects on Earth is not something unique and may have a long history.

2. Expert Opinion: Inspector Leaboife turned to the famous UFO expert, Professor John Smith. In an interview, the professor shared his opinion about what happened in Alençon: “The appearance of a UFO in such a remote town as Alençon is a phenomenon that we cannot ignore. Perhaps this is evidence that aliens are interested in our planet and are watching us.”

3. Scientific Research: Inspector Leaboife addressed the results of scientific research conducted in the field of UFOs. It turned out that many phenomena associated with UFO landings can be explained by scientific theories. For example, bright lighting and the spread of heat can be caused by the reaction of some materials to atmospheric conditions.

4. Historical analogies: During the investigation, analogies were found with past events associated with the appearance of UFOs. One of the most famous cases is the “Roswell Incident” in 1947, when an alien object was spotted and studied in the American city of Roswell.

Thus, Inspector Liaboif’s investigation shed light on one of the most mysterious events in Alençon’s history. Although the reasons for the appearance of UFOs remain a mystery, this event confirms the fact that we are not alone in the Universe and that there are many unknown phenomena that require further research.


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