Mystery of giant craters forming in Arctic permafrost unraveled

(ORDO NEWS) — Geophysicists managed to establish what exactly provokes the appearance of huge craters in the Arctic. And the problem is far from melting permafrost.

The Yamal crater is marked by experts as 17. This means that a total of 17 such objects were discovered in this region, which in their characteristics and appearance resemble craters.

Vasily Bogoyavlensky told that in fact there are much more such objects in the North of Russia. Moreover, most of them have appeared over the past ten years. The Yamal crater was the very first. He was found in 2014. A huge number of versions of its occurrence immediately appeared, up to the fall of the meteorite.

In fact, everything is much simpler. In deep layers of ice, a cavity begins to form, caused by a certain heat flow. It gradually fills with gas and increases in size. When frozen rocks can no longer contain this gas, a kind of pneumatic explosion occurs, which leaves behind quite large craters.

Bogoyavlensky added that most of the objects discovered can be attributed to the most common mud volcanoes. An interesting point is that the bottom of the lakes in this region is also dotted with craters, but the processes of gas release in them are much faster than on the ordinary surface.


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