A lot of meteorites fell on the territory of England in a day

(ORDO NEWS) — On February 28, in England, residents observed a meteor shower, which looked more like a hail of meteorites. Only a small part of the objects managed to burn up in the atmosphere, while the rest successfully landed.

People were worried, because they had never seen anything like this before. Everything looked like a massive fireworks display. There are already enough videos of what happened on the network. Meteorites literally rained down on Europe, so the number of videos will only increase.

There is a video made by Londoners showing two objects. Eyewitnesses noted the bodies falling too slowly, as if they were not meteorites at all. Some thought about some kind of space battle, as a result of which the Martian vehicles “fell” to the ground.

In various forums, there is also an idea that our planet entered a meteorite cloud, which was pulled into the solar system by Planet X. Meteor rains may become more frequent in the near future.

So far, there is no official answer regarding the incident. And it is not known whether it will be at all. The incident is truly strange and frightening.


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