Mysterious ruins in Kaimanawa Forest: the mystery of the “Great New Zealand Wall”

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(ORDO NEWS) — Lake Taupo, located in the center of New Zealand’s North Island, is known for its spectacular views and unique origins. This lake was formed on the site of a giant crater of a volcano that erupted about 26 thousand years ago.

However, it is not only nature that attracts the attention of tourists and scientists in this region. The mysterious ruins of a giant structure have been discovered in the Kaimanawa Forest Park, which surrounds Lake Taupo.

In the 1990s, just a few kilometers from the lake, researchers discovered part of a wall made of rectangular stone blocks. Each block is about a meter high and about two meters long. The blocks were assembled with incredible precision, and you couldn’t even put a knife blade between them.

The weight of these blocks reaches several tons. Researchers are confident that the visible part of the wall is only part of a larger structure buried under volcanic ash.

However, the most interesting thing is the age of this wall. According to archaeologists, it was built about two thousand years ago. This means that New Zealand was already inhabited by a mysterious people before the arrival of the Maori.

The Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, have never built such structures, raising further questions about the origins of this ancient civilization.

Archaeologist Doug Sutton conducted research and proved that, based on extensive evidence of ancient forest burning for economic purposes and unexplained soil “erosion”, human activity in New Zealand began 2,000 years ago.

This means that there was a people who created Cyclopean structures and statues of their gods long before the arrival of the Maoris.

In 1997, near Northland, a stone statue of a woman 2.7 meters high was found. Scientists believe that this could be the goddess of an unknown people who inhabited New Zealand before the arrival of the Maori.

However, there is still no answer to the question of who these people were and how they created such majestic structures. Official science is in no hurry to provide the public with details and research results.

It is interesting to note that excavations in the Waipoua Forest have been carried out continuously over the past thirty years. However, in 1988, the New Zealand government decided to classify all the results of these excavations for 75 years. This raises additional questions and fuels interest in the secrets of New Zealand’s ancient history.

Despite the lack of concrete answers, research continues in Kaimanawa Forest Park and other regions of New Zealand. Scientists and archaeologists hope to uncover the secrets of this ancient civilization and decipher its place in New Zealand history.


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