Mysterious portal captured over the Arabian Sea

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(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, during a live broadcast, the ISS cameras captured an unknown object that suddenly appeared over the Arabian Sea.

The strange object turns into something that looks like a portal or a planet. At the same time, it rotates, moving in space, and slowly disappeared.

Mysterious portal captured over the Arabian Sea 2

Researchers are wondering if this object could be an interdimensional portal, or could it be an unidentified flying object (UFO) with an unusual shape?

Is it possible that this is some kind of celestial body that accidentally revealed itself?

One commenter wondered: “Could the ISS camera have deliberately tried to cover up a UFO that we were able to see, and this was the place through which its real view was visible?”.

Some users have suggested that space at some point worked as a lens that visually brought an asteroid flying in space closer.

Whatever it was, it remains a mystery what exactly happened over the Arabian Sea.

Previously, a mysterious structure resembling a portal appeared in the sky over China.


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