Crypto company will send a key to 62 bitcoins to the moon

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(ORDO NEWS) — The well-known cryptocurrency company LunarCRUSH recently announced plans to place a private key to a crypto wallet containing 62 bitcoins.

The key will be engraved on the rover heading to the moon on a SpaceX rocket.

California social intelligence company LunarCRUSH has partnered with Lunar Outpost to organize the first ever lunar treasure hunt.

Two years ago, Lunar Outpost unveiled the next-generation MAPP digital rover concept.

The company apparently plans to launch a research vehicle to the moon on a SpaceX rocket in the fall of 2023. This supposedly innovative lunar vehicle also serves as a “treasure chest” of sorts.

LunarCRUSH has announced that it will have the private key to a crypto wallet containing 62 bitcoins (currently worth around $1.7 million) engraved on the body of a rover that will be found by the first humans on the moon.

“The bitcoin reward, dubbed Nakamoto_1, will be unlocked by the first space traveler to reach the Moon and receive the wallet’s private key, which will be engraved on the Lunar Outpost MAPP rover launching into space this year,” reads a joint press release.

“Our goal is to inspire people to create communities that will usher in a new era of exploration,” said LunarCRUSH CEO Joe Vezzani.

“We envision classes, groups, companies, and even DAOs [Decentralized Autonomous Organizations] coming together to reach the moon and share the rewards of the treasure chest.”

The MAPP Lunar Outpost rover is scheduled to launch this year aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The rover will land near the south pole of the moon.

Once the vehicle is on the ground, the treasure hunt will officially begin and anyone can set up a mission to get to it and collect the secret key for 62 bitcoins.

Obviously, at the moment, this treasure hunt is not possible, as no man has set foot on the moon for decades, but who knows, if the price of the cryptocurrency rises enough, perhaps the wallet key could speed up a man’s flight to the moon.

Interestingly, the organizers understand that instead of a person, a quick-witted “handy” robot may be the first on the moon, which will discover and transfer to earth the coveted key to the wallet?


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