Mysterious holes found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

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(ORDO NEWS) — The crew of the Norwegian research ship GO Sars discovered mysterious holes on the seabed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which, as researchers suggest, may be traces of an unknown living creature.

According to Science Norway, the discovery was made using a remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicle (ROV), equipped with a powerful camera capable of operating at great depths.

Back in 2022, an underwater drone filmed mysterious holes on the seabed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, north of the Azores archipelago. Outwardly, they resemble a long chain of deep footprints.

“Quite unexpectedly, these footprints appeared on the screen when shooting from a depth of about 2,000 meters,” Axel Bergstad of the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research, who led the expedition, told Odd.

The study report was not published immediately. For several months, scientists have been discussing what the mysterious holes might be.

“There have been many discussions between researchers about what it could be,” says Bergstad.

“But we have not yet come to a definite conclusion. Most likely, this is a trace left by something alive.

There are still a number of undescribed animals at great depths of the sea and other organisms.

Much of what may be there is still poorly explained by science, we are talking about vast areas of the ocean.”

According to Bergstad, the organic origin of the mysterious holes may be indicated by deposits that are visible in the pictures next to several holes.

But the scientist also notes that the footprints captured in the photographs are left in the soft layer of the seabed.

This means that they are not fossils and fossils, that is, if they are really traces of a living being, then they must belong to an organism that still lives in the sea.


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