Mysterious artificial caves in the Himalayas

(ORDO NEWS) — On the territory of the Himalayas, at a height of about fifty meters above the ground, artificial caves are hidden, which have become one of the greatest archaeological mysteries on the planet. Scientists are still trying to figure it out.

A fragile sandy rock with thousands of holes is located in a gorge that dwarfs the famous Grand Canyon. The age of these grottoes is several thousand years, but scientists find it difficult to answer who exactly built the cave city and for what purpose. It is also unclear how people got to them, because the cave ridge is located at a height of about fifty meters above the ground.

Ten thousand mysterious artificial grottoes have been discovered in the former kingdom of Mustang in the northern region of modern Nepal. Those who have seen them with their own eyes compare the rock to a giant sand castle.

The mysterious rock was visited by a research team, which included adventure and photographer Corey Richards, climber Pete Athans, archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer and others. According to Richards, he was working in a Nepalese village called Forte when Pete, who was preparing a group of mountaineers to conquer Everest, invited him to go to the cave city.

The photographer noted that it was the eloquence of Athans, who literally shocked him with his description of the mysterious caves, that was one of the reasons why he decided to participate in the expedition. When he got there, he realized that this place was much more impressive than he could have imagined.

The climb to the caves was quite difficult, as due to the instability of the rock, the team members were in constant danger. During the climb, Richards lost his balance and fell, breaking his back. During another ascent of the operator, Lincoln was knocked down by a falling stone that pierced his skull. However, both managed to fully recover.

According to Richards, it was a dangerous and rather scary adventure.


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