Mysterious “Alien creature” crawled out of a dead mantis

(ORDO NEWS) — What the author of the video saw cutting a dead praying mantis looked like something from the movie “Alien”.

The terrible footage of an “alien creature” emerging from the corpse of a praying mantis scared people who watched the video.

The video begins with a man slitting the back of a dead mantis. As soon as he does this, something like several long thin tentacles crawls out of him.

Towards the end of the video, you can see that the creature, or even creatures, is twice the size of the insect they just crawled out of.

This chilling creature is actually a parasite worm, and their story is as gruesome as it sounds. They appear as larvae in the intestines of small insects that the praying mantis preys on. As soon as the unfortunate praying mantis eats them, the parasites begin to grow.

When they reach maturity, the worms secrete a protein that hijacks the host’s nervous system and paralyzes it completely.

Incredibly, they manage to direct the praying mantis towards the pond and make it jump into the water so the worms can break free.


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